Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I book a jumping castle?
>> To make a booking simply call or text 049 945 2424 or email us at

How much space is needed to set up the castles?
>> The medium jumpers are 4x4m and require a 5x5m area to set up in.
>> The combo castles require 6.5x6.5m to set up in.
>> Areas should be free of any overhead obstructions or tree branches.
>> Surface areas should be free of any debris eg. twigs/sticks, sharp objects, glass etc.
>> Please consider access to the proposed site e.g. steps, doorways, gates and slopes.

Do I need power for the bouncy castle?
>> Yes, A power point (240volt) should ideally be available within 20 metres of the bouncy castle. If no mains power is available, a petrol generator of 4-5kVa will need to be provided. These can be hired from any tool hire shop.

How long does it take to set up the bouncy castle?
>> All bouncy castles are set up and dismantled by a JumpMates Installer. It takes about 20-30 minutes to set up the bouncy castle depending on the type of access. It takes around 40 minutes to clean and dismantle the bouncy castle. The castles must not be moved to any other location once installed by us.

Do I need to clean the castle after use?
>> No, all castles are vacuumed and disinfected on site by our installers prior to dismantling. Our castles are steam cleaned on a regular bases to ensure they remain safe and hygenic. Please do not use household cleaners or detergents on the castles, if you do need to wipe something, please just use a soft cloth and warm water.

Does the bouncy castle have to be set up on grass?
>> No, our castles can be installed on grass, artificial turf, concrete driveways or paved areas. Tarps are placed underneath all castles for protection. Soft fall mats are also provided when setting up on surfaces other than grass. Heavy weights are provided for anchoring on hard surfaces with pegs staked into the ground for installations on grass. Always check for reticulation pipes.

Can I have a bouncy castle indoors?
>> Yes, we are able to set up in Church halls, Community centres and School halls or gym’s provided they have a height clearance of at least 4m.

Can I have a jumping castle in a public park?
>> Yes, we are able to set up in parks but you will generally require permission from your local council. Some councils may charge a small hire fee. Some public parks may not have access to power, in which case you will need to provide a generator for the castle blower. 4-5kVa generators are required to power the blowers and are available to hire from your local tool hire shop.

What happens if it RAINS?
>> All of our bouncy castles are fully enclosed with mesh side panels and solid roof covers which protect from light rain and sun.
​>> During periods of bad weather conditions, rain (60% chance or higher), high winds (30km or higher) it is unsafe to erect inflatables. We will assess the conditions 1 week prior and also the day before installation to determine if it is safe to go ahead with the setup of the castle. Any cancellations made by either party due to bad weather will be fully refundable.

Does someone need to supervise the operation of the bouncy castle?
>> YES! A responsible adult over 18 years of age must supervise the jumping castle at all times. Our installer will go through the operating instructions for the bouncy castle on the day of the hire. We are able to provide trained supervisors at an additional fee if you prefer or require. Some corporate or community events may require our trained supervisors to be used.

Do you have insurance?
>> Yes, JumpMates has $20million Public Liability Insurance. Please let us know if you require a copy of our certificate of currency. This is usually required for community events or when setting up in public parks. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to call or email :)